Akshay K. Khanna

Akshay Khanna

Advisor (Sports Industry & Strategy)

Head of Partnerships for NFL, NBA and NHL, StubHub

Akshay received an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently working for StubHub as Head of Partnerships for the NFL, NBA and NHL. Before joining StubHub, he held the roles of Director of Strategy and then Vice President of Strategy for the Philadelphia 76ers. With the historic NBA team, Akshay led the acquisition and merger of two eSports teams for the Sixers, managed the team's entrepreneur innovation lab, developed a StubHub-partnered ticketing platform for Sixers games, and negotiated an estimated $25 million jersey sponsorship deal with StubHub.

Akshay also finds great professional satisfaction sharing his knowledge with others in his role as Adjunct Professor of Sports Business at the Northwestern University School of Professional Studies.

Professional Summary

  • Trailblazing efforts in partnership between NBA franchise Philadelphia 76ers and major eSports teams
  • Responsible for highest profile partnerships between leading ticket seller StubHub and three major American sports leagues (NBA, NFL and NHL)

Sports Industry Expertise

  • Philadelphia 76ers - Director of Strategy
  • Philadelphia 76ers - Vice President of Strategy
  • StubHub - Head of Partnerships for NFL, NBA, NHL
  • Northwestern University course: Sports Research Methods and Quantitative Analysis

Role at Athleta-Ed

  • Provide support for developing strategic partnerships / relationships within the sports industry
  • Introductions to pro teams and leagues
  • Provide support for developing strategic partnerships / relationships within the education sector

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