Manish Pandya

Manish Pandya

Advisor (Community Development & Impact)

Sole Practitioner, Law Offices of Manish Pandya

Manish has a diverse legal career touching on a wide range of family law matters, which has provided a unique perspective on child and community development issues. He has 10+ years of litigation and transaction experience with internships at the Juvenile Division of the Orange County Public Defender Office, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Los Angeles Superior Court.

Prior to his legal career, Manish obtained a master’s degree In Religious Studies at UC Santa Barbara while also serving as a graduate instructor in the Department of Black Studies. Manish was responsible for four discussion groups (teaching, grading, and research support) for the History of Civil RIghts Movement course. At UC Berkeley, Manish received his bachelor’s in HIstory with courses covering the Civil RIghts Movement, Slavery and U.S. Constitutional Law taught by notable global experts. In addition to his bachelor’s in History, Manish obtained a minor in South Asian studies. While at UC Berkeley, Manish participated in the Berkeley High Teaching Project.

Professional Summary

  • Attorney with 10+ years of litigation and transaction experience. Transitioning to education with current projects in higher ed and K-12
  • Early career in academia with an expertise in religion, ethics and the U.S. history of racial and social inequity
  • Wide range of professional and academic experiences linked to child development, family and community development and the legal aspects of race and gender discrimination

Role at Athleta-Ed

  • Support with the development and execution of strategic plans driving Impact
  • Identify and develop corporate and academic partnerships
  • Support with designing internal and external programs related to scholarships and internships

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